Channel Partners Collaborate to Redefine the Risk Approach

In January 2021, Protection International published “Redefining the Risk Approach” in collaboration with Channel partners Women Link Worldwide, Front Line Defenders, and the Mesoamerican Women Human Rights Defenders Initiative (known as IM-Defensoras). Along with over 65 human rights defenders (HRDs) and experts from across the world, these groups came together to create a list of principles for this report. The report’s 21 Risk Analysis and Protection Plan Principles are a guide for government officials on the most essential and foundational concepts behind implementing the risk approach for protection. “Redefining the Risk Approach” is accompanied by a short video explaining the value of these principles and why governments need to adopt them. 

In 2005, Protection International first conceptualized the idea of applying the risk approach for HRDs and, subsequently, created the first manual on the topic. Since then, it has been repeatedly used by HRDs themselves, the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Special Rapporteurs, the Inter-American Commission, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, as well as constitutional courts in various countries.  

The principles outlined in this report are intended to ensure the more effective adoption of risk and analyses plans that are empowering, intersectional, and HRD-centric.