Our Rights, Our Safety Toolkit

Channel grantee Just Associates (JASS) launched a new 5-module toolkit for women activists and defenders everywhere: Our Rights, Our Safety: Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders. 

Communications Revolution in Human Rights

Channel grantee partner, the Fund for Global Human Rights, in collaboration with JustLabs, published a new learning paper on narrative strategies for human rights funders, activists and civil society.

Decriminalization of Abortion in Oaxaca

On September 25th, 2019, abortion was decriminalized in the state of Oaxaca following an intense period of campaigning. Channel grantee partner, Consorcio Oaxaca, played a key role in the process by working at the forefront of the pro-choice movement alongside other feminist women’s organizations, establishing alliances with women senators, and much more.

WLW’s Historic Win In Colombia

In a groundbreaking case, Channel grantee partner, Women’s Link Worldwide (WLW), successfully advocated on behalf of their client Helena* in Colombia. During the armed conflict in Colombia, the FARC guerrilla group recruited 14-year-old Helena and forced her to use contraceptives and to have an abortion in inhumane conditions. “You can’t have kids here,” they told Helena.