Global Press Scales Up New Certificate Program

In April 2024, Global Press, a Channel grantee partner, launched its first-ever Certificate in Narrative Change Techniques program. 110 women and non-binary participants from across Africa were selected to learn about the “five unique approaches to narrative change” pioneered by Global Press. Narrative change refers to “a shift away from what the traditional news industry deems newsworthy and the shift towards a new way to tell fuller stories”, a key mission of Global Press for the past 18 years.

The four-week long program brings together participants from over 30 countries including places where Global Press has prior experience such as Uganda and Zimbabwe and new countries such as Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. The program combines field experience and self-paced online courses to provide unique training to its participants. Through the program, participants with be able to collaborate with fellow participants and Global Press coaches. They will be able to “incorporate narrative change techniques” into their storytelling by:

  1. Rethinking news value through the lens of narrative change
  2. Applying four narrative change techniques including sourcing, accuracy procedures, dignity-driven language and risk profiling
  3. Articulate positive impacts of narrative change to editors and audiences

Utilizing these techniques and skills, participants are expected to produce an original story. Participants have access to a story consultant and program managers to aid in the creation of their project. To support their learning, they receive an internet and communications stipend at the start of the program and another stipend following its completion. After the program, participants are provided a certificate of completion from Global Press, access to the Global Press network, and possible consideration for employment opportunities.