Feminist Activism Without Fear

Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism (UAF), a Channel grantee since 2006, has launched a new campaign called,  Feminist Activism Without Fear: Facing Risks with Collective Power and Care. This new initiative “not only amplifies the voices of feminist activists facing reprisals but also serves as a vital resource for funders and policymakers” who seek to better support feminist activist.

Feminist Activism Without Fear was formed out of a series of conversations between UAF and its grantee partners about the increasing backlash that feminist activists are experiencing. The campaign is an accumulation of years of UAF’s work in amplifying the voices of feminist activists and the insights, experiences, and stories shared by these activists around the world. It details the various types of backlash that activists face, including surveillance, smear campaigns, arrests, and intimidation among other things. Additionally, it depicts the impact of this backlash on the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of feminist activists.

The campaign highlights five stories with feminist activists around the world, ensuring anonymity and safety for these activists. In these stories, activists describe the violence, harassment, and surveillance they experience whilst participating in activism. To combat and improve this reality, Feminist Activism Without Fear highlights the need for a collective care response. It points to the need of funders and policymakers to push for protection of feminists and for more flexible funding that supports networks of care.