New Online Feminist Healing Space Launched

FemFund Poland, a Channel grantee partner, in collaboration with Women’s Fund Armenia and Women’s Fund in Georgia, have launched Feminist Healing Space, an online space focused on collective healing, healing justice, and feminist values. With the support of Fenomenal Funds, a feminist funder collaborative, the space serves “as a library for a collection of diverse healing resources.”

The space defines healing justice as “the practice of reimagining wholeness at the intersection of intergenerational trauma, current structures of oppression, and dismantling racial oppression.” The available resources provided by the space were collected and shared by women’s funds associated with Prospera, an international network of women’s funds. These resources focus on collective feminist leadership, embodiment, healing justice, and self and collective care.

The four key missions of the space are:

  1. Practicing Intersectional Feminism
  2. Documenting Healing Resources
  3. Assessing Needs of Wellbeing
  4. Developing a Feminist Narrative of Trauma