Online Collective Security Resource Created

In recent years, “repression and violence against human rights defenders have escalated and space for civil society has ‘closed.’ Activists and organizations around the world have worked hard to respond. But faced with worsening conditions, many of us are questioning assumptions and rethinking the adequacy of our approaches.” In wake of these conditions, Channel grantee partners Just Associates (JASS) and the Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR) collaborated to create a “Power and Protection” multimedia resource page that provides insights from two cross-sector dialogues with community activists, NGO’s and donors from around the world.

The first dialogue, “Protection of Human Rights Defenders against Non-State Actors: Context, Analysis and Strategies,” was held in Mexico City on January 2017. Followed by “Defending Rights in Hostile Contexts: Understanding and Confronting the Crackdown against Activists and Civic Space” in Johannesburg, South Africa in November 2017. Power and Protection is a collection of resources that draws from these dialogues and includes a selection of tools, research, videos, interviews and deeper analysis.