Channel Grantees Collaborate on Disability Inclusion

Recognizing a need to be more inclusive of women with disabilities, Channel partner World Pulse invited fellow grantees Mobility International USA (MIUSA) and Women Enabled International (WEI) to engage with them through an initiative aimed at inclusive excellence starting in 2020.  

As their contribution to this partnership, MIUSA designed and delivered a two-day training for World Pulse staff in July 2020 which resulted in a multi-year disability action plan. Over the next few months, MIUSA helped World Pulse to put their new strategies, ideas and commitments into action and even provided a refresher training in May 2021. Ultimately, MIUSA’s contributions were designed to institutionalize disability inclusion in all aspects of World Pulse’s work.  

Women Enabled supported this initiative by leading communications training for World Pulse staff and members, which resulted in a communications and social media strategy that better meets the needs of people with disabilities.  

Through this process, World Pulse came to the conclusion that it’s time to shift the focus from capacity building and training for disabled communities to capacity building and training for themselves so they can be responsive to the needs of people with disabilities.