World Pulse is an action media network powered by women from more than 190 countries. World Pulse believes that when women are heard, they will change the world. World Pulse’s mission is to lift and unite women’s voices to accelerate their impact for the world. Through their growing web-based platform, women are speaking out and connecting to create solutions from the frontlines of today’s most pressing issues. With a focus on grassroots women change leaders, World Pulse programs nurture community, provide media and empowerment training, and channel rising voices to influential forums.

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Channel Grants:

2021-24: Channel made a three year general operating support grant to World Pulse for their ongoing work as an independent, women-led social network for social change. Funds will support World Pulse’s continued response to the needs of women leaders in the Global South and beyond to expand global networking for women and their movements. 

2020: Channel made a general operating support grant to World Pulse, particularly for their work integrating disability inclusion throughout the organization internally and externally.

In 2020, World Pulse made a commitment to ensure disability inclusion was more intentionally part of their core values and mission. As part of this, they partnered with leading global women’s disability networks and fellow Channel grantees MIUSA and Women Enabled International (WEI). MIUSA led trainings and visioning sessions for World Pulse staff that resulted in a multi-year disability action plan. WEI supported the initiative by providing communications training for World Pulse staff which resulted in a communications and social media strategy that better meets the needs of people with disabilities.

In the Fall of 2021 World Pulse created a Disability Justice Hub which aggregates stories, leaders, and resources.

2019: Channel made a grant to World Pulse to support the promotion of the rights of women with disabilities via the building of an internal and external foundation for disability inclusion, from programs to operations to communications, in three ways:

  • Strengthening internal strategy, operations, and culture by partnering with Channel partner Mobility International USA (MIUSA) for training and technical assistance;
  • Lifting up the voices of disability inclusion through the World Pulse Featured Storyteller program
  • Creating and piloting implementation of a disability inclusion module in the World Pulse Digital Ambassador training program.

2016: Channel made a grant to World Pulse to support the 2017 implementation of its Digital Changemaker Academy.

2015: Channel made a grant to World Pulse to support the implementation of its three core digital training pathways for women in 2016: Intro to Digital Empowerment, the Voices of Our Future training program, and Community Champion training. This expanded training strategy aimed to create a leadership pathway for women change leaders coming from every country in the world, with different needs and desires, and supported the evolution of their vision and leadership.

2009–2014: From 2009 to 2014 Channel made annual grants to World Pulse for the purposes of supporting the Voices of our Future Correspondents Network (VOF) (now called Advanced Digital Changemaking), a program that trained women from around the globe to report from the frontlines, to influence the policies that affect their lives, and to become citizen journalists. Channel also helped support the development and implementation of Safety and Security measures for the correspondents.

The World Pulse VOF program was conceived in 2008 to address the severe imbalance of global women’s voices in the international media as authorities, experts, and content producers. Currently, women are the most unheard in the world, with just 7% of women profiled in government and political stories, and 1% women editors globally. NGOs, governments, and even journalists frequently speak for women and define their causes. This problem is particularly acute for women leaders in impoverished, remote, and conflict-ridden areas who struggle to access technology and obtain the skills to channel their solutions to the world stage.

Using web 2.0 global women’s newswire as a tool, World Pulse’s VOF provided tailored, rigorous training in new media and citizen journalism to grassroots women leaders with powerful messages who would not otherwise have the ability to reach wider audiences with their stories.