AWID Releases “Toward A Feminist Funding Ecosystem”

Channel grantee partner, Association For Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), published their new report, “Toward A Feminist Funding Ecosystem.” The report explores what it would take to create a world where feminist movements were abundantly resourced.

AWID’s report centers around the theme of a “transformative funding ecosystem.” “We all live within ecosystems: our planet’s air, earth, and water; the technologoiesthat connec tus across space and time; our relationships to people and community,” all of it starts with the simple principle that we are all interconnected. From this, the report explains, “the same premise holds for the funding ecosystem for social change… comprised of those leading social change (activitis, organizations, networks, and movements) and those who support their work (philanthropic funders, governments, activitis themselfes self-generting resources, and more). These actors operate within a much bigger structural context of environmental, political, and social realities that determine the distribution of resources, who holds the power over and access to them and who does not.”

Building on these principles and the work of AWID over the past years, the report expands on all this to bring the “ecosystem” to life. “[They] unpack challenges and potential within specific funding sectors and build a more complex, dynamic, three-dimensional model that feminist movements and funders can use.” Additionally, the report explore[s] the current state of resourcing and ask what it would take to move to a balanced, transformative feminist funding ecosystem.

“Our objective is to enable feminist movements and funders to see and better understand how funding actors, sectors, and resources interact – creating a new and more responsive framework for resourcing and action for change.”

“Toward a Feminist Funding Ecosystem” by Kellea Miller and Rochelle Jones is availible in PDF format here. Additionally, AWID has compiled several infographics for printing and sharing, availible here.