WRC Receives Disability Inclusion Award

On June 12th, 2019, Channel grantee partner, the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) received InterAction’s 2019 Disability Inclusion Award. Founded in 1984, InterAction is the largest alliance of international NGOs and partners in the United States.

InterAction established the Award in collaboration with Channel grantee partner, Mobility International USA (MIUSA) in 2009 in honor of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Recipients of the award demonstrate a commitment to ensure the full inclusion of people with disabilities and approach disability as an important cross-cutting issue, which uses a human rights lens throughout all aspects of their organization’s work.

The WRC works to improve the lives and protect the rights of women, children and youth displaced by crisis and conflict, including those with disabilities. WRC has been at the forefront of researching the needs of this group, identifying solutions, and advocating change in humanitarian policy and practice. Since WRC’s first global research into the situation of refugees with disabilities resulted in the 2007 Disabilities Among Refugees and Conflict-affected Population report, they have collaborated with a wide range of stakeholders to advance the rights of displaced women, children and youth globally; produced tools and resources for Women’s Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), and they have undertaken research on GBV prevention among sub-populations of refugees in urban settings in addition to research into the resilience-based approaches in humanitarian action and the implications for inclusion of women, children and youth with disabilities.