Young Feminist Resource Mobilization Toolkit Published

“What could take the impact of young feminist organizing to a whole new level?”

FRIDA’s answer is: Money, AND the skills to mobilize it.

On November 17th, 2017 Channel grantee partner, FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund, launched an innovative and resourceful toolkit for all young feminists to organize and gain new tips and tricks on mobilizing resources for their work.

FRIDA believes that “we live in a world of gross wealth inequality, where resources are concentrated amongst a few. Young women, girls, and trans* youth organizers are hard-pressed to access financial resources that would ensure the effectiveness of their work as well as be safe and healthy as human beings. In order to create a more equal and just world, activists, too, have to reclaim money, redistribute resources, and re-imagine new sources of funding”.

It is the stark realities of the challenges youth organizers face in accessing financial resources that inspired FRIDA to focus on building capacity around resource mobilization for these groups. They hope that this toolkit will allow these youth organizers to obtain and maintain the resources they need to making lasting changes in their communities.