AIL Announces New Educational Project

Afghan Institute for Learning (AIL), a long-time Channel grantee partner, has partnered with TV Meraj, a private project of the Sakena Fund, to produce Meraj Academy.

Despite the conflict and disaster present in Afghanistan over the past year, AIL has continued to provide education for children.

Meraj Academy represents essentially Afghanistan’s first nationwide school system. It is a full high school curriculum, consisting of 4 one-hour daily classes, that is globally qualified as a high school education. Students watching these classes are able to submit questions and receive help from available teachers. The lessons are not only archived on YouTube, they are accessible all across the Asia region and available to livestream from all over the world. Additionally, lessons are available in English, Dari, and Pashto.

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, founder and Executive Director of Sakena Fund and named the “Mother of Education” in Afghanistan, stated that the curriculum was created using “modern, pedagogically focused education techniques” that she used to create her own training program. Sakena expressed her happiness at the new project, stating that “this was my dream…to teach all of Afghanistan: boys and girls in all regions.”