World Pulse Publishes Visionary #SheTransformsTech Report

World Pulse, a long-time Channel grantee partner, published an in-depth collection of data-driven insights, personal narratives, and visionary solutions in the #SheTransformsTech report (April 2021).

World Pulse recognizes that women worldwide are using tech to power movements, learn about and secure their rights, advocate for marginalized groups, and mobilize offline actions.  However, technology needs a transformation of its own: more women in decision-making roles, stronger laws to protect privacy and safety, lower-cost tech access, and digital skills training taught by women.

In the #SheTransformsTech report, the voices of women worldwide are highlighted to inform a new global technology agenda that enables women’s leadership. The report includes:

  • Analysis of more than 530 responses from 60+ countries (400+ survey responses; 130+ personal narratives).
  • Key findings, statistics, and recommendations for policymakers, tech companies, and individuals related to digital empowerment, technology access, online safety, and more.Stories from our community, in your own words, on how we utilize tech for good and how tech can do better to support women’s leadership.
  • Special highlights on the impact of COVID-19 on technology access and use; improving access for those with disabilities; and advancing gender-transformative digital skills training.

The report also features six Storytellers and seven Tech Leaders from the World Pulse community. Among those featured are:

Olimpia, from Mexico, is fighting back against revenge porn. In response to a long-term boyfriend releasing an intimate recording, Olimpia thought her life was over. Instead, she and a group of women activists joined together to pass a law to protect women from digital violence.

Farisai, from Zimbabwe, is working on navigating the digital divide after she couldn’t land a job in the male-dominated tech field. Now, she’s training the next generation of women developers to transform the industry.

From India, journalist and nonprofit founder, Aparna Gopan, survived cyberbullying. She is now leading campaigns to protect other gender minorities from online abuse in an effort to make the internet safer for women.

As a woman with a disability, Veronica Ngum Ndi from Cameroon, shares how technology has expanded her world and made her passionate about educating others. Through technology, she is actively transforming the Disability Community.


To learn more and get involved, download the #SheTransformsTech Report. Also available are the Executive Summary of the report, Recommendations for Policymakers and Tech Companies, and a Media Kit for those seeking to engage with the #SheTransformsTech movement.