Equality Fund Created to Mobilize Unprecedented Funds

Equality Fund logo

On June 2nd, 2019 the Canadian government announced a $300 million multi-year award partnership with The Equality Fund. The Equality Fund is a groundbreaking collaboration that combines global feminist grantmaking and innovative investments that will transform funding for women’s organizations and movements.

The Canadian award will be paired with the Equality Fund’s already mobilized investments of $100 million to combine feminist grant-making, multi-sector philanthropy and a new innovative investment arm. In addition, the Fund is redefining global women’s rights investments by bringing 11 new allies together across sectors to unleash an innovative model for funding feminist futures including Channel grantee partner Gender Funders CoLab (formerly known as Philanthropy Advancing Women’s Human’s Rights or PAWHR). Channel Foundation is also member of Gender Funders CoLab and has provided funding to the Pooled Fund which helped support this winning bid.

Channel applauds the Equality Fund and its bold philanthropic strategy to activate unparalleled international resources to fuel and sustain women’s rights organizations and movements.