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Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Global
Grant Work: Global
Channel Focus Areas: Amplifying Gender Equality in Media & Technology, Strengthening the Women’s Funding Movement


 The Numun Fund is a feminist technology response formed during COVID-19. It aims to support feminist groups, organizations and networks led by women, non-binary and trans people who use technology to advance feminist organizing and gender-just outcomes. 

Channel Grant:

2021: Channel made a grant to the Numun Fund through the fiscal sponsorship of Women Win Foundation Inc. to support their launch and their mission to foster a “growing ecosystem of feminist engagement with technology,” and particularly their work in the coming year providing the initial support and sustainability for “seeding and sustaining technological infrastructures for feminist activism, organizations and movements.

Numun is the Sumerian word for “Seed.” The Sumerians (from what is now southern Iraq) had the earliest known writing and arithmetic systems in the world from 6000 years ago. The Numun Fund honors the fact that art, literature, science and technology has flourished across the world, and have been led by communities in the Global South for a very long time.