Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Grant Work: Global
Channel Focus Area: Strengthening the Women’s Funding Movement 
: wearepurposeful.org and theglobalresiliencefund.org 
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Purposeful is a feminist hub for girls’ activism, rooted in Africa and working all around the world. Purposeful believes that another world is not only possible, it is already being built right here and now, in the ways that girls are organizing with each other, imagining with each other, pushing us all a little further towards liberation.

Purposeful News:

Channel Grant:

2021: Channel made a grant to Purposeful to support the Global Resilience Fund (GRF), a participatory rapid-response funding initiative housed at Purposeful and launched amid the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 to move flexible resources to girls and young feminists responding to the pandemic.  

Purposeful is a feminist movement building hub rooted in Africa for adolescent girls, trans and non-binary youth, supporting community-led social change processes across the world. 

Purposeful “centers collective action as the most critical avenue to initiate change….[and] is rooted in the understanding that power is at the heart of the injustices, inequalities, discrimination, exclusion and violence which we seek to eliminate in order for girls to live in safety, dignity and freedom.” 

“Rooted in the principles of trust, solidarity and reciprocity, [GRF] stepped out of the business-as-usual models to find new ways to move flexible resources to girls and young activists and directly support their brave and transformative strategies.” 

The young women and girls’ groups that GRF has funded face ongoing challenges in the current context of the pandemic and other political, economic and environmental crises. GRF will continue to support these groups with direct funding and accompaniment at a critical time, when the “longer term impacts of the pandemic are setting in.” 


Photos courtesy of Purposeful.

Photo 1: Purposeful’s mentors’ development training session for Programme Officers from partner organizations working directly with female mentors in Karene, Bombali, Bonthe, Moyamba, Falaba and Western Area Rural Districts.

Photo 2: Purposeful’s partner Programme Officers shared their stories and together they analyzed the concept of POWER and the world they want to create with and for girls.

Photo 3: A group of girls age 15+ from Sinkunia Town-Falaba District, in a safe space ran by Daindemben Federation, a partner of Purposeful in Sierra Leone.