Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Grant Work: Brazil
Channel Focus Area: Strengthening the Women’s Funding Movement
Website: www.fundosocialelas.org/en/
Watch: ELAS’ YouTube


ELAS’ mission is to promote and strengthen the role of women by mobilizing and investing resources in their initiatives in Brazil.

ELAS News:

Channel Grants:

2021-24: Channel made a three year general operating grant to ELAS to support their ongoing work strengthening women’s human rights movements in Brazil via grantmaking to women’s groups, capacity building, technical assistance, and through convenings and advocacy. 

2020: Channel made a general operating support grant to ELAS, a 20 year old women’s fund in Brazil, for their work grantmaking, convening and training. ELAS promotes social change and support women-led organizations in Brazil through 1. Grantmaking (movement building & collective impact); 2. Dialogues (networking and capacity building) and; 3. Monitoring (technical support for institutional development).