Teolinda Fajardo Epieyu

Country of Origin:

WLS Award:


Graduate Program: Master’s program in Public Health Management at the Universidad de Santander (UDES), Valledupar, Colombia

Background & Goals: Teolinda Fajardo Epieyu is a member of the Wayuu indigenous people and has worked on public health issues in her community with a focus on women’s health and indigenous human rights issues. Fajardo worked as a General Coordinator Municipality of Manaure La Inmaculada Heath Services Center and has coordinated a local community health program geared toward indigenous Wayuu women. Because of her human rights work, she has also served as a permanent consultant to the Human Rights association AKUAIPA WAIMAKAT (Association for the Disclosure, Promotion, and Defense of Human and Indigenous Rights).

After her studies, she wished to continue her work in public health promoting local strategies in health care with a special focus on the health of women and girls, to work towards the protection of territorial rights and other human rights of indigenous communities though public policy and education efforts, and to strengthen local indigenous organizations through training, collaboration, and outreach.