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Graduate Program: MPA Program in Economic Policy Management, School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

Goals: Miguel Paredones’ goals included preparing an investment plan to augment government poverty alleviation strategies, and influencing government anti-poverty policies.

Post-Degree Projects: After the completion of his degree, Miguel Paredones became the Finance Planning Manager for a British company in Monterrey, Mexico. Subsequently, Paredones became the Founding Partner of Clifftop Capital Management, an independent alternative investments management firm specialized on multi-strategy opportunistic investments across the Latin America region. He has successfully acted as principal investor, originating, structuring and executing investments, including senior debt, subordinated debt, special situations, mezzanine and private equity in excess of US$1 billion in Latin America and the Caribbean by following an asset-based investing approach.

Paredones wrote, “I am most excited by how I can utilize my investment skills and structuring mindset to improve economic and social conditions in the so-called emerging markets.”