Tulasa Bharati

Country of Origin:

WLS Award:


Graduate Program: MSc in International Public Health with a focus in Community Health at Leeds University, UK

Background & Goals: Tulasa Bharati has worked on community and grassroots public health issues with a focus on reproductive health, and women’s and children’s health. Prior to pursuing her degree, Bharati worked as a Family Health Field Officer for the Nepal Family Health Program District Public Health Office (DPHO) in Nepal where she worked in the Bara district working with government counterparts such as USAID and the Ministry of Health, supporting DPHO programs, particularly in maternal-child health and family planning. Bharati has also worked with CARE Nepal for the Remote Area Basic Needs Project (RABNP) as a Health Supervisor, planning, implementing and managing family health activities in the community of Bajura. After her studies, she wishes to return to Nepal to continue working in public health with a special focus on reproductive and child health, and to create appropriate community and grassroots public health programs.

Post-Degree Projects: Bharati joined an educational tour to Geneva to visit the World Heath Organization, the International Labor Organization and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and was scheduled to graduate in July 2009.