JamYong Drolma

Country of Origin:

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Graduate Program: Master’s Program in Sustainable International Development at The Heller School of Brandeis University

Background & Goals: JamYong Drolma has worked with several NGOs in rural Tibetan communities in the area of women, health and development, in order to alleviate the problem of poverty and discrimination. Drolma has worked for Norserve and the Surmang Foundation serving as a translator and an assistant for a midwifery maternal and infant mortality-training program. She has also spoken at a variety of events on women’s heath and midwifery training in nomadic areas. She aims to plan and design sustainable projects to educate Tibetan women on health issues and to design effective programs that help alleviate severe poverty in rural Tibet.

Post-Degree Projects:  During the second year of her program at Brandeis, Drolma worked on her practicum in Tibet with the Tibetan Poverty Alleviation Fund.

She graduated from her M.A. Program in Sustainable International Development at the Heller School of Brandeis University in May 2008 and returned to Tibet to begin working on a USAID funded project “Sustainable Tibetan Communities.” This project aims to strengthen the capacity of Tibetan grassroots organizations through economic development, cultural and environmental preservation, improved access to education and health care, and poverty reduction.