Gang Song

Country of Origin:
China (Sichuan)

WLS Award:


Graduate Program: MA in Sustainable International Development, Heller School of Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, Boston, USA

Background & Goals: Gang Song’s goals included working with global humanitarian organizations to alleviate poverty; promoting community capacities; combating infectious diseases; and advocating for the basic rights of marginalized peoples in Western China (Tibet).

Post-Degree Projects: In his second academic year at Brandeis, Gang Song’s study focused on “economic development, inequality and welfare,” a challenging issue not only in fast urbanizing China but also throughout the world. He volunteered on a UNDP regional HIV/AIDS program that involved southeast and northeast countries, and focused on policy advocacy, leadership development, and the promotion of greater involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS, through creation of an enabling environment to reverse the epidemic. He also served as Team Liaison/Project Officer for the China-UK AIDS Project in Sichuan. The program aimed at exploring feasible and practical models of HIV/AIDS/STD prevention and control in China. In addition, Song worked for Medecins sans Frontieres on an AIDS community education program in southwest China. The program was dedicated to offering health education to marginalized people who are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection, including drug users, female commercial sex workers and migrant populations.