Eunice Barbara C. Novio

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Graduate Program: Master’s program in Women and Development at the University of the Philippines, College of Social Work and Community Development, The Philippines

Background & Goals: Eunice Barbara C. Novio is a member of Women Serving the Rural Community (KANAYON), a human rights organization under GABRIELA (General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equity, Leadership, and Action).  Novio, independently and through her work with KANAYON, has contributed to mobilization initiatives and human rights campaigns and most recently developed and implemented trainings, workshops, and forums in schools, churches, and other local organizations on women, gender, and the environment.  In addition, Novio conceptualized the Gender and Development Program through the Criminology Department of Occidental Mindoro National College and participated in the development of local governmental projects through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO).  Upon completion, Novio planned to use her degree to further her efforts as an activist, writer, researcher, and women’s advocate within the Filipino community.

Novio organized a Women’s Day celebration in the Philippines at the Occidental Mindoro National College in 2009 and described the event: “the Women’s Day Celebration has been recognized by militant and progressive organizations for some time, but mainstream Mindoro is not generally aware that March is designated Women’s Month, in memory of the women who fought and died for their rights. The general populace of Occidental Mindoro is yet to imbibe the importance of Women’s Day or Women’s Month.  Therefore, conducting a celebration such as the Occidental Mindoro National College (OMNC) Women’s Day Celebration was very encouraging.”

“I have found in my advocacy work to advance women’s rights, it is no longer difficult to partner with educational or governmental institutions.  This is a result of the Women in Nation Building Act (WIN Act) and the Gender and Development Program (GAD), which promote programs such as the OMNC Women’s Day Event. The Philippine Government mandates all institutions implement GAD to spearhead women’s issues and concerns.”

“Still in its infancy, the GAD program of Occidental Mindoro National College needs more refinement and analysis to become gender-responsive. My training and education contributed a lot to facilitating such activities. I developed the concept paper of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office of the Province of Occidental Mindoro to conduct the Women’s Month Celebration.”

“For many years, I was lobbying the implementation of the GAD program in various institutions particularly in OMNC and the Provincial Government, although, mine was a voice in the wilderness, it has finally reached the ears of concerned people.”