Tabi Cherrycharry Agwa

Country of Origin:

WLS Award:


Graduate Program: Master’s program in Management of Development (MOD) with a focus on Rural Development and HIV/AIDS at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education, Netherlands

Background & Goals: Prior to her studies at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education, Tabi Cherrycharry Agwa worked as a cooperative technician and agricultural specialist with the Aid International Christian Women of Vision (AI-ChrisWOV), an NGO located in the northern province of Cameroon.  With AI-ChrisWOV, Agwa coordinated training programs on HIV/AIDS and rural development, training farmers on crop and seed development and protection techniques, and advocating for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS.  Upon graduation, Agwa will use her studies to analyze the impact of HIV/AIDS on rural livelihoods in order to accordingly adopt programs, advocate and develop policies, and organize educational and assessment opportunities in support of rural community reduction of HIV/AIDS.

Post-Degree Projects: Agwa’s 2009 Master’s project focused on “Adaptation of Development Organisations to the changing needs of new clientele in the context of HIV and AIDS pandemic:“A Case study of Heifer Project International, Cameroon support to People Living With HIV and AIDS support Groups.”