Patiswe Zaba

Country of Origin:

WLS Award:


Graduate Program: Master’s Program in Management of Development (MOD) with a focus on Rural Development and HIV/AIDS at Van Hall Larenstein, The Netherlands

Background & Goals: Patiswe Zaba has worked in the fields of rural development, agriculture and HIV/AIDS. She has worked as a Dairy Development Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture identifying and analyzing opportunities and problems concerning the livestock industry; including working in close collaboration with HIV/AIDS officers from local NGOs developing strategies to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS among rural agricultural communities. After her studies, she wishes to continue her work assisting rural agricultural communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS and supporting rural agricultural development.

Post-Degree Projects: Zaba wrote her research thesis on the topic of improving organizations’ resilience to the impact of AIDS for which she planned to use her own organization as a case study. Zaba returned to Zimbabwe in mid July 2008 to conduct her thesis research.