Lueong Glory Manambowoh

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Graduate Program: Master’s program in Rural Livelihoods and Global Change at the International Institute of Social Sciences, Netherlands

Background & Goals: Lueong Glory Manambowoh is the founding president and Research Coordinator of the Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED) where she campaigns against rural female illiteracy, genital mutilation, and for the rights of rural women and girls. Manambowoh also acts as a social advisor and coordinator for the Tangwang and Green Revolution farming unions assisting with group leadership and management.  With her degree, Manambowoh plans to incorporate a rights-based approach in examining contemporary rural development issues in order to create appropriate educational programs for rural women and girls so that they may take public action.

Post-Degree Projects: Manambowoh’s 2009 Master’s thesis focused on “Land as a Pre-Condition to Access the National Maize Support Program in Cameroon: A study of Exclusion in the North West Region.”

Her PhD Thesis, undertaken at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture at the Justus Liebig Giessen University is on “The Forest space, Identity Crises and Cultural conflicts in the South region of Cameroon: Case of the Baka pygmies in the face of conservation policies and strategies.”

Manambowoh successfully defended her PhD in December 2014 and is currently working in Niger with the Food and Agrictulture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) staff to support the capacity building of women peasant organisations on their land rights using the FAO’s Voluntary Guidelines for the responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT).