Clement Sakala

Country of Origin:

WLS Award:


Graduate Program: PhD Primary Health Care Management, University of Warwick, UK

Background & Goals: Clement Sakala’s goals included promoting programs in Zambia with Planned Parenthood and other agencies to combat the negative social and cultural practices and attitudes of Zambian males toward women’s use of contraceptives, reproductive health services, HIV/AIDS transmission, and gender violence.

Post-Degree Projects: Clement Sakala has worked as Executive Director of Primary Health Care Education and Training Trust, an NGO whose activities are focused on strengthening Zambia’s human and organizational capacity in the provision of quality HIV/AIDS services.

Sakala finished his PhD Program in Primary Health Care Management at the University of Warwick Medical School in the United Kingdom where his dissertation was entitled, “The Transmission of HIV/AIDS in Heterosexual Marital Relationships in Zambian Rural Communities and HIV/AIDS: a Case Study of the Petauke District.” His study was intended as a contribution towards efforts to mitigate the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country. The research topic for his thesis focused on examining the connection between the wider social economic conditions and cultural context in rural communities and on how this intersects with the risk of HIV/AIDS in heterosexual marital relationships. Further, the study specifically explored the intersection between domestic violence and HIV/AIDS transmission in marital relationships. In his work with a local NGO called the Community Partnership Project on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Zambia, the study conducted for his thesis opened up new and pragmatic opportunities for a societal dimension to addressing gender inequalities in relation to HIV/AIDS transmission in marital relationships mainly in hard to reach rural communities in Zambia.