Channel engages in the following activities in addition to grantmaking to further our mission:

We participate in international, regional, national, and local networks and convenings of women’s human rights activists and donors to make informed, collaborative, and strategic funding decisions. (See our Affiliations and their convenings).

We promote exchange and collaboration between activists, educators, and community leaders from the Global South and East. (See partners FRIDA, ICAN and RESURJ amongst others).

We increase support for global women’s human rights in the U.S. (and in the Pacific Northwest specifically) to encourage a connected and engaged citizenry and a stronger global movement by creating events and shining a spotlight on the work of our partners. (See Events we have organized and co-hosted.)

We encourage inclusion of women from historically marginalized communities in the programs and organizations we support. (See our Indigenous and Disability Rights Focus Areas).

We influence philanthropy and the donor community via events, peer exchange and publications featuring our partners and highlighting our Focus Areas and approach to grantmaking. (eg. Gender and Global Grantmaking Initiative and Global Donors Exchange).

“[S]mall, localized and isolated efforts that cannot be scaled up to mobilize a larger number of women and their communities against gender discrimination, are not sustainable: we cannot rest content with small islands of change in a sea of oppressive patriarchal cultures.  We also know that going to scale by merely converting millions of women into project “beneficiaries” rather than agents of change, is also not a transformative strategy – so conscious and systematic movement building, by empowering women to become conscious actors in a social change process, is vital.”
— Srilatha Batliwala, Association for Women’s Rights in Development, in “A Transformative Strategy: The True Value of Investing in Women’s Rights,” in Open Democracy