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The Channel Foundation closed its Women’s Leadership Scholarship Program in 2009 and is not accepting any further applications.


There were two stages in the WLS application process. All applicants were invited to submit pre-applications but only a few were invited to complete full applications. We encouraged applicants to submit pre-application materials early. Those who submitted their pre-application materials near the due date risked leaving some of their materials ineligible for full review by the committee.

January 1, 2008 Pre-applications were available
March 12, 2008 Last day pre-applications were available
Late March/Early April 2008 Committee reviewed all pre-applications, and invited the top 15-20 candidates to submit full WLS application with supporting documentation
Late May 2008 Committee reviewed full applications
Early June 2008 Awardees notified
Summer 2008 Funds disbursed


Pre-applications for WLS are no longer available due to the suspension of the program.



  • You must fill out ALL portions of the form.
  • List information about the Master's degree program you have applied to and your anticipated degree date.
  • List information about the educational costs for the Master's program you applied for in US dollars.
  • List information about other scholarships, fellowships or financial aid you are applying for.
  • If you are not a woman leader from a developing country and/or a member of an indigenous tribe or group, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.
  • Finally, your work experience and educational goals MUST be related to human rights, public health, sustainable development and/or a related issue. If they are not, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.
  • WLS does NOT FUND individuals applying for second Master's degrees.

After the pre-application period ends, all candidates will be notified about their application status. Incomplete pre-applications will not be considered for review. Unsolicited additional documents provided by the pre-applicant will not be reviewed. Only a small group of candidates will be invited to complete a full application.

Selection Procedure

In late March/early April, the WLS Selection Committee met to screen all pre-applications. No other documentation was reviewed in this preliminary screening. The committee chose the 15 - 20 candidates that most closely matched WLS award criteria, and invited applicants in this group to submit the full WLS application with supporting documentation. In late May, after reading all of the full applications, the committee met again to decide on the award recipients. The awardees were notified at the beginning of June, and award funds were issued in the summer months.